• Beware of Pity

    The great Austrian writer Stefan Zweig was a master anatomist of the deceitful heart, and ,, the only novel he published during his lifetime, uncovers the seed of selfishness within even the finest of feelings.,Hofmiller, an Austro-Hungarian cavalry officer stationed at the edge of the empire, is invited to a party at the home of a rich local landowner, a world away from the dreary routine of his barracks. The surroundings are glamorous, wine flows freely, and the exhilarated young Hofmiller asks his host’s lovely daughter for a dance, only to discover that sickness has left her painfully crippled. It is a minor blunder, yet one that will go on to destroy his life, as pity and guilt gradually implicate him in a well-meaning but tragically wrongheaded plot to restore the unhappy invalid to health.,”Stefan Zweig was a dark and unorthodox artist; it’s good to have him back.” ???Salman Rushdie