• 300 Arguments

    There will come a time when people decide you???ve had enough of your grief, and they???ll try to take it away from you.,Bad art is from no one to no one.,Am I happy? Damned if I know, but give me a few minutes and I???ll tell you whether you are.,Thank heaven I don???t have my friends??? problems. But sometimes I notice an expression on one of their faces that I recognize as secret gratitude.,I read sad stories to inoculate myself against grief. I watch action movies to identify with the quick-witted heroes. Both the same fantasy: I???ll escape the worst of it.,???from 300 Arguments,300 Arguments, a foray into the frontier of contemporary nonfiction writing, is at first glance a group of unrelated aphorisms. But, as in the work of David Markson, the pieces reveal themselves as a masterful arrangement that steadily gathers power. Manguso???s arguments about desire, ambition, relationships, and failure are pithy, unsentimental, and defiant, and they add up to an unexpected and renegade wisdom literature.