• Alien vs. Predator

    The debut collection of a poet whose savage, hilarious work has already received extraordinary notice.,Since his poems first began to appear in the pages of The New Yorker and Poetry, there has been a lot of excited talk about the fresh and inventive work of Michael Robbins. Equal parts hip- hop, John Berryman, and capitalism seeking death and not finding it, Robbins’s poems are strange, wonderful, wild, and completely unlike anything else being written today. As allusive as the Cantos, as aggressive as a circular saw, this debut collection will offend none but the virtuous.,”Every once in a while, a book appears as if out of nowhere, uncanny in its authority, combining the shock of the new with the shock of recognition. Michael Robbins’s Alien vs. Predator has given me a sense of what early readers of The Waste Land must have felt in 1922, what it must have been like to pick up a copy of Wise Blood at the bookstore in 1952.”–John Wilson, Commonweal,”You don’t get the instant satisfaction you might expect from a poet hungrily stalking the moment; Robbins’s poems have their own distinctly contemporary appeal: They slowly develop into embarrassing pictures of ourselves. They aren’t just shiny and fun, they’re also sharp — which makes them quite dangerous.”–The Boston Globe,”The first important poet whose work can be appreciated only with an Internet connection, Robbins is a lot more than the first ‘Google poet.’ He is also a significant new poetic voice and, quite possibly, a living poet with a chance of developing a genuine popular following.”–The Weekly Standard,”If later John Ashbery and David McGimpsey have proven that capitalist popular culture is a suitable subject for poetry, Robbins goes a step further and attempts its formal mimesis. And he does it really goddamn well.”–The National Post