• A Master’s Secret Whispers

    Herein lie a series of dialogues between a True Master and an Authentic Student. The Master has devoted his life to unraveling the secret cures to the ills that plague every human being. Put simply, the Master has discovered The Truth. The Truth about freedom from anxiety, curing emotional pain, achieving true success, attaining clarity, cultivating wisdom, mastering relationships, gaining complete control of one’s mind, and so on. The Master speaks the raw truth. And the raw truth has no place for trite things such as prescriptions, how-to’s, and cosmetic and ineffective remedies. This book is for those who are serious.

  • Atmamun

    Atmamun is the path to achieve the bliss of the Himalayan Swamis and the Freedom Of a living God.,It is for True Seekers. It is for those who wish to move beyond the self-help and cosmetic slogans of meditation and mindfulness, toward the Ultimate Truths of Life and the Mind.

  • Direct Truth

    Prescriptions, how-to???s, self-help, guru???s, mental hacks, psychology, motivation, and the like, are things that are fundamentally unserious. They are things that move humans away from Truth. For they approach all matters from the standpoint of a ???fix.???,The Truth is a path away from all fixes. And away from all chases. It is for the one who is Serious. It is for the one who is Sincere. This book is for but a handful of individuals in the world. Those with a rarest form of DNA. The DNA to arrive at the Direct Truth in all things. So that they may put an end to all chases. So that they may walk life???s Final Mile. And come to possess the things that they have called by various other names.