• A Garden of Bones

    In 2013, the skeletal remains of two elderly people, William and Patricia Wycherley, were unearthed from the back garden of the house they had mysteriously left 15 years earlier. But why were their relatives still getting Christmas cards from them until the year before they were found? Why were they still on the electoral roll and why were they still replying to letters from their doctor? Suspicion soon falls on their daughter Susan Edwards, who tells a tale of family feud and betrayal, and a freak accident that led to her parents??? deaths and a forced cover-up. But is she telling the truth, or have she and her husband Christopher concocted the story so they can literally get away with murder? Based on real events, A Garden of Bones explores one of the most brutal and notorious murders in recent times and is told through the eyes of a down-at-heel news reporter looking for the scoop that could revive his career, a senior detective hoping for the next step up the greasy career ladder, and Susan Edwards, the downtrodden daughter whose fantasist personality makes it hard to know what is real and what is not.