• At the Drive-In Volcano

    The astonishing second book by a lively and inventive American poet of Filipina-Indian descent. Naomi Shihab Nye says of this book, “Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s poems are . . . ripe, funny and fresh. They’re the fullness of days, deliciously woven of heart and verve, rich with sources and elements-animals, insects, sugar, cardamom, legends, countries, relatives, soaps, fruits-taste and touch. I love the nubby layerings of lines, luscious textures and constructions. . . . She knows that many worlds may live in one house. . . .”

  • Fishbone

    From pickpockets to peacocks, elephant rides to electrocuted oysters, miracle fruit to the Incrdible Hulk, Aime Nezukumatathil teases the uncommon out of the commonplace,the miraculous out of the mundane. With a sensory zest that tickles both mind and tongue, she invokes her heritage in inimitable poems that go straight for the heart. Her gift for gloriously exact detail, her vulnerability, and her humor make Fishbone an impressive and eclectic debut.

  • Lucky Fish

    travels along a lush current ??? a confluence of leaping vocabulary and startling formal variety, with upwelling gratitude at its source: for love, motherhood, ???new hope,??? and the fluid and rich possibilities of words themselves. With an exuberant appetite for ???my morning song, my scurry-step, my dew,??? anchored in complicated human situations, this astounding young poet???s third collection of poems is her strongest yet.

  • Miracle Fruit

    Poetry. As three worlds collide, a mother’s Philippines, a father’s India and the poet’s contemporary America, the resulting impressions are chronicled in this collection of incisive and penetrating verse. The writer weaves her words carefully into a wise and affecting embroidery that celebrates the senses while remaining down-to-earth and genuine. “We see that everything is in fact miracle fruit, including this book itself”-Andrew Hudgins.

  • Oceanic

    In her fourth collection, Aimee Nezhukumatathil hums a bright blue note???a sensuous love song to the Earth and its inhabitants. , is both a title and an ethos of radical inclusion, inviting in the grief of an elephant, the icy eyes of a scallop, ???the ribs / of a silver silo,??? and the bright flash of painted fingernails. With unmatched sincerity, , speaks to each reader as a cooperative part of the natural world???the extraordinary neighborhood to which we all belong. This is a poet ecstatically, emphatically, naming what it means to love a world in peril.