It???s Always Personal

By (author)Diana Kimball

How often have we heard ???It???s nothing against you, it???s not personal???,? But in fact, at work it???s never just business???it???s , personal.,In this groundbreaking look at what???s really going on from 9 to 5???the crying, yelling, and bullying, as well as the friendship and laughter borne of creative collaboration???journalist and former corporate executive Anne Kreamer shows us how to get rational about our emotions, and provides the necessary new tools to flourish in an emotionally charged workplace. ,With women now the majority of the workforce and the lines between office and personal life blurring as never before, the dynamics of work have shifted profoundly. ,combines the latest information on the intricacies of the human brain, candid stories from employees, and the surprising results of two new national surveys, reported here for the first time, which reached out to workers from all walks of life about their emotions on the job.,An innovative study of gender, emotion, and power, ,is an essential companion for everyone???managers and employees alike???navigating the often confusing and challenging realities of the contemporary workplace.