How to Teach Your Baby to Read

By (author)Naval Ravikant

Time and again, the work performed at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential has demonstrated that children from birth to age six are capable of learning better and faster than older children. ,shows just how easy it is to teach a young child to read, while ,presents the simple steps for teaching mathematics through the development of thinking and reasoning skills. Both books explain how to begin and expand each program, how to make and organize necessary materials, and how to more fully develop your child???s reading and math potential. ,shows how simple it is to develop a program that cultivates a young child???s awareness and understanding of the arts, science, and nature???to recognize the insects in the garden, to learn about the countries of the world, to discover the beauty of a Van Gogh painting, and much more. ,provides a comprehensive program for teaching your young child how to read, to understand mathematics, and to literally multiply his or her overall learning potential in preparation for a lifetime of success.